Jun 18, 2007

The Rabbinic visit to Har Habayit (video)

We all heard about the group of Rabbis who ascended Har Habayit a month ago in honor of the 40th anniversary of the reunion of Jerusalem.

It turns out the event was recorded, but the police had insisted on an agreement that the video would not be released for one month. They were concerned about Arab sensitivities around the event.

A month has passed and the video has been released via Arutz7 (INN). Someone uploaded it to Youtube, and I offer it to you here. It is a powerful video. You must watch it.


  1. excuse my ignorance, but wait a minute, isn't there an issur of Kores to go up he har habayis

  2. the issue is very detailed, but in brief, the kores only applies to a very specific part of har habayis, which people who go up (myself included) avoid.

    Onto general har habayis it is muttar to go up for someone who is tamei meis, but not if one is tamei from keri. To remove tumas keri, one needs to be tovel in a kosher mikva (not a regular mens mikva which is essentialy a bathtub, but
    a kosher d'oraisa mikva) and then one can go up to Har Habayit.

    The other, more complicated issue is whether or not we know the exact location of the places that are assur to go to when tamei meis. Many Rabbonim say we do know and we can properly avoid these areas. Many rabbonim say we do not and therefore one should not go up at all.

    That is very briefly an answer to your question.

  3. Dear Rafi G,
    Thank you for posting the video of the visit to the Har Habayis. One of the the Rabbis that participated I was surprised to see because he is very close with Rav Avraham Shapiro and Rav Mordechai eliyhu and it my understanding that say not to go up.

  4. correct. Those two rabbonim say not to go up. I am not familair with all the Rabbonim in the video, nor which Rabbonim they are close to. I am familiar with some of them...

    What was unique about this visit was that it was a joint visit of Rabbonim. Another point that was unique was that some of the Rabbonim who went up had previously been in the camp of Rabbonim that opposed going up but had recently changed their opinion to allow going up.


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