Jun 25, 2007

Another reason to love Israel

This was just announced in my neighborhood in various shuls.

Somebody has started a cholent G'mach.

That means, if you chose not to make a cholent for shabbos lunch because the weather was too hot, but then you decided that you really want one, you can run over to this guy's house and pick up some cholent!

If your cholent burnt, go to the cholent gmach and get some non-burnt cholent! Did your cholent undercook? Nothing to worry about - just head on over to the cholent gmach and pick up some cholent!

You gotta love it!


  1. well that is definitely an 'only in israel' story.

    hope they don't re-use it from week to week :P

  2. but like any other gemach that you "borrow" something and return it after use....

  3. Maybe they make you bring back some raw potatoes and meat.

  4. lol@sarah and y

    I am not a cholent fan, but I can cook very delicious cholent. However I think it's a great idea for people who love cholent and but are too lazy to lazy to fix some erev Shabbat.

  5. I wonder how many pots of cholent he puts up, just in case a lot of people come by one shabbos....


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