Jun 19, 2007

a first rate rumor

There are very strong rumors about an incident that took place yesterday.

I do not know too many details, but I did just hear about something that is being kept out of the general media. It is not being kept out for security reasons. It is being kept out because the police are extremely embarrassed about the incident.

As you all know already, there is a Gay pride Parade scheduled for this week in Jerusalem. The parade has been protested against by the Eida Haredit, with more on the way.

The police have pretty much taken over Mea Shearim/Geula in an attempt to thwart any protests and keep them small.

So the rumor has it that the police have a lot of undercover agents in the area. Yesterday, it seems, one of those agents was spotted and caught. His captors beat him, supposedly breaking his leg, and tied him up. When they finished taking care of him, they dumped him into a large dumpster and sealed it shut with him trapped inside for three hours. After that they let him out and released him.

This information went up on an Israeli news forum yesterday and was almost immediately removed and the site crashed temporarily. I heard it second hand, but the source is very good. I do not know any more details than what I included above.


  1. I forgot to add - so if this site crashes and this post disappears, you will know something is going on and it is not random..

  2. maybe the residents of that neighborhood should be embarassed

  3. that is what I told the guy I heard from. They should have put this info out because it makes the perps look horrible.
    He explained that the police are embarrassed that one of their undercovers got caught and taken like that.

  4. B"H My sources reported an incident yesterday in Me'ah Sha'arim where an engineer from Iriyath Yerushalayim came to deliver an eviction notice. he was chased out of the neighborhood. He had to go on foot, though, because his car was over-turned. Do you know how hard it is to over-turn a car? I'm not sure if this was the same incident from Tuesday or not. Sounds similar.

  5. Yated reported haredim being beaten up randomly by policemen. They called it a pogrom instigated by the J-m chief of police.
    מאות שוטרים מכים עוברי אורח ללא רחם, מפעילים זרנוקי מים וזורעים הרס וחורבן בבתי התושבים

  6. i agree-the embarrassment should be coming from the Jews who could do that to another Jew


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