Jun 13, 2007

The count is in!

First round is over!

The vote count is:

Collette Avital: 21
Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin: 37
Shimon Peres: 58

The newscasters were talking very often about how it would be a big shock if Peres lost again....and they were asking MKs how they voted.

The most interesting I found was what they asked Shaul Mofaz. They asked him who he voted for and he answered for Peres. Then they asked him how it is possible that a year ago there was no way he would have voted for Peres who was part of Labor and he was part of Likud, yet now he voted Peres?

He waffled a bit and then said that what was a year ago was a year ago and things have changed.

It is a shocker how poor of a showing Ruby actually came out with.

Now it goes to a second round, but it looks like Peres will walk away with the vote...

Ruby Rivlin withdrew his candidacy. Shimon Peres is now officially the 9th President of Israel.


  1. Technically, he's not president until the next vote, so we have a few more hours without President Peres.

  2. I know. I thought about writing that the Knesset can still vote with 61 votes "No" to Peres and he can still lose. But it is unlikely so I left it out...

  3. In any event, since the president has no real power, there's no practical difference between "almost-president-elect", "president-elect", and "president."


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