Jun 25, 2007

get in your houses

There are two big events happening in Beit Shemesh right now.

There is a huge fire from Kibbutz Tzora, right next door to BS. As I passed it on the train a little while back, we could see the furniture factory burning down along with part of a field.

The plumes of smoke are humongous, blackening the sky over the whole Bet Shemesh.

The second event is the police have just begun driving around the neighborhood using their bullhorns to announce that everybody should get into their houses and close their doors and windows.

The last time they did that, a few years ago, it was because they were looking for a terrorist that was supposedly hiding in the area of Bet Shemesh. This time, I have not yet heard why. It might be because of that, or maybe they are concerned about the breathing intake of smoke. Or maybe they suspect some chemicals leaked during the fire.

Who knows? But if it is anything exciting, I will update you..

UPDATE - the local Hatzolah hotline is saying they are concerned the smoke might be toxic..


  1. "get in your houses" and get out your gas masks

  2. if the gas masks would even work, maybe...

    btw, the fires are still burning.. I hope there are not too many people waiting for orders of furniture to be filled. Their waiting time has just increased....by a lot

  3. I hate it when authorities don't tell you straight out that the chemicals in the air are poisonous. Lame.

  4. yeah. it turns out that the factory had a lot of plastics and the toxins from burning plastic were released into the air..


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