Jun 27, 2007

church song in Portugal (video)

My wife has this theory that about 90% of the world population must have some sort of Jewish ancestry and Jewish blood in them. I pretty much agree, but would place the number a bit lower....

Here is a video clip of a church in Portugal - I have no idea what they are saying,at least until the 45 second marker. You will be stunned.

(HatTip: I saw this recently on Dreaming of Moshiach)


  1. so mordechai ben david stole the song from these pottuigese church kids?

  2. Not too surprising, since the Church does recognize the "Old Testament", from whence the lyrics derive, and it's not too far a stretch that someone would want to sing it in the original Hebrew.

    Another piece of the puzzle can be found on the original Youtube website for this video. The description is in Portuguese, and, machine translated into English, reads:

    The practicing Jews, still today, pray every day: “Listening Israel, you is our God, you is Only…” E is this that the Children of the Parish of Espinhel, in the arciprestado one of Águeda, Diocese of Aveiro, had sung, in Hebrew, the Mass with children of the 18 hours, in the First Church of Espinhel, celebrated for pároco, júlio Priest Grangeia.

    So it seems to be a "hat tip", as it were, to their Jewish brethren.

    There are some people in my office who speak Portuguese. I'll see if they can shed some light on it.

  3. I emailed my very good friends in Portugal and asked them - "is this a church or a synagogue, what's going on?" They answered, "the priest is trying to tap into something, which is deep rooted in the parish… marranism."


  4. I am a Cudya ,a name used for Jews whose ancestors fled the Inquisition and from the research I did I can tell you this: During the forceful conversions during the Inquisition, many Jews lived a Christian life on the outside and inside their homes they would keep all the halacha. Examples: They would go "picnicing" during Yom Kippur so no one would see that they were fasting on that day. You can see more examples of rituals and practices among the secret Jews of Portugal :
    It seems to me that this community comes from the marranos, Jews who were forced into conversion.

  5. This is not surprising many Christian’s are waking up to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Many Churches sing songs like this. My old Church in England used to practice Israeli dancing to raise money for Magen David. Many Christian’s like myself love Israel.

  6. B"H I'll send this to fellow blogger in Portugal jewishnation.blogspot.com, and see what he comes up with.


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