Jun 14, 2007

irony of Shas

Shas is announcing that Rav Ovadia Yosef and the Council of Torah Sages (of Shas) are declaring a rally of Selichos in light of the disastrous situation in which the nation of Israel finds itself. Selichos will take place today at 6:00 pm in Rav Ovadia's shul and be broadcast by satellite to various locations.

On the other hand, maybe the issue is the general political and security situation which is pretty bad, especially with what has been going on in Gaza the past few days. If that is the case, is it not ironic that Shas is largely responsible (not completely, but largely) for crowning as king the man, Shimon Peres, who is vastly responsible for the horrible situation in which we find ourselves? Peres is the architect of the Oslo accords, which led to everything that is happening now. Yet Shas felt he was worthy of being the President of Israel, despite his being a rabid left-winger.

Ahhh, the irony of pushing Peres as President and then declaring a day of selichos to daven for the situation.... gotta love it!


  1. Rafi, you're right on the money with this one!!!

  2. Rafi,

    You're way off the money with this one!!!

    Ma Inyan Shmitta Eitzel Har Sinai?

    Pushing Peres for President is one Heshbon agreed to by great Rabbanim of the Mo'etzet. You don't like their Heshbon? Fine.

    The trouble we're in with Sderot, Iran,etc. has to do with aveirot that we need to do Teshuva for more than anything else. Oslo is not the cause - it's the effect. Thus, the Selihot.

  3. i wonder if there will be any backlash against shas by its constituency in sederot. wasn't peres the one who told them to stop being crybabies and complaining about the kassams?


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