Jun 19, 2007

kosher food in prison

And in today's interesting Jewish news tidbit, an Orthodox Jewish inmate in a state prison in New Hampshire for sexually molesting a 13 year old girl has had his rights restored, for the third time.

Inmate Albert Kuperman was receiving three meals daily of kosher food, as per his request based on his religious belief. The prison officials revoked his right to kosher food after he was caught with non-kosher food.

It has happened before and each time he got his kosher food reinstated. he was recently caught again with non-kosher food and had his kosher food revoked. His lawyer appealed it saying he bought the non-kosher food for fellow inmates, and even if he did violate the kosher laws, he still has a right to kosher food. If a diabetic was caught buying a chocolate bar, would we take him off his diabetic diet?

The court reinstated his right, for the third time, to receive kosher food.


  1. It sort of reminds me of the guy from my community growing up who R"L killed both of his kids, and, once in prison, sued to get a minyan so he could say kaddish for them (I believe he was denied).

  2. regarding my fears about a sanhedrin with the power to execute, in these situations i favor the death penalty even without a sanhedrin

  3. He's a child molester. What rights can he possibly have?

    Personally, the first time he got caught with treif the "right" to kosher meals should have ended. Clearly, it wasn't that important to him.

    On the other hand, I'm a dad of 2 little girls, so I don't have much sympathy for a convicted child molester...

  4. I am with you on that - but by law they have rights and can insist on them. I think we give prisoners too many rights. Prison is like a spa for them. Some of them have better living conditions in prison than they did in real life!


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