Jun 21, 2007

ever eat giraffe meat?

If you going to be in Los Angeles between August 5 and August 7, now is your chance.

According to Arutz 7 news, the Orthodox Union (a.k.a the OU) is going to be holding a special conference in Los Angeles August 5-7. It will be on the topic of “The Mesorah [tradition] of Kosher Birds and Animals," including other aspects of kashrus in the food industry.

The two men behind the Mesorah Conference phenomenon are American olim (immigrants to Israel) Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky and Dr. Ari Greenspan. The men have devoted years to investigating exotic or rare species that are kosher, but no longer consumed, or consumed only by small communities. They do this to maintain the tradition of which species are permitted be eaten and which are not.

The men have examined the kosher status of the giraffe, swan, peacock, grasshopper, buffalo and other exotic creatures - as well as the manner in which each are slughtered and prepared for consumption.

The conference will take place at the OU’s West Coast Headquarters, 9831 West Pico Blvd, from 9:30 AM - 3 PM.

The session will be followed by “an extraordinary Torah and gastronomic event,” promises the OU’s Director of Kashrut Education, Rabbi Yosef Grossman. It will feature quail, red deer, fleishig (meat) eggs, bison, udder, shibuta and tambaqui (fish that according to the Talmud taste like pork).

“The reception of the two Mesorah Conferences in New York was phenomenal, and so we made the decision to bring the program to Los Angeles,” Rabbi Grossman explained.

For more information, email westcoast@ou.org

I did not see any information on the OU website, nor on the OU West Coast site, but if it interests you, be in touch with the OU about reserving a spot.


  1. Conference sounds fascinating but the sound of giraffe meat makes me nausious.

  2. That sounds awesome - the topic, not the meat. Do you need a ladder to eat it?

    Anyhow, Rabbi Slifkin said the belief that we can't eat giraffe meat because we don't know where to shecht it isn't true. So, who knows - maybe the local kosher butcher will soon be selling ground giraffe meat! If they do, I'll make your family giraffe burgers when you come to Chicago for that BBQ!

  3. feature quail, red deer, fleishig (meat) eggs, bison, udder, shibuta and tambaqui

    I think I'll stick with shnitzel, thank you...

  4. rafi - in yeshiva they told us that the reason w don't eat these things now, as ashkenazim, is because of a lack of mesorah for these animals. is it not true?

  5. swfm - Why would it make you nauseous? I would not mind trying giraffe meat...

    frumhouse - I agree. The easiest animal to shecht on should be the giraffe. The whole neck, according to halacha, is good for shechita, from about the middle of the adams apple until the top of the lungs. The giraffe gives the most open space for a clean shechita, so that is not the problem... but people do say that it is... I am looking forward to giraffe burgers!!

    michael - come on! Live a little!

    shaya - could be. How do you lose a mesorah for giraffe though. It is not like a duck. By ducks there are so many varieties you can say we have mesorah for this species of duck but not that species... but giraffe is giraffe. If it was kosher once, it should always be kosher... I do not know if that is halachically a good svara though. In the article I read, it mentioned the purpose (or one of the purposes) of these types of events, is to keep the mesorahs alive...

  6. except giraffe comes from a countries where very few jews and no ashkenazim were. so there is no mesorah for it. while giraffe qualifies under the kosher requirements for hooves and cud, there can only be mesorah for something we did and maintained.

    either way, I don't really care, just an excersize in svara. I am hoping a friend of mine will go and get some to ship to me. we'll see.

  7. Rafi - I'm already envisioning your next schoolyard demonstration....;-)

  8. lol... That is a great idea!


  10. No but I had alligator meat and snails. Not together of course. lol. Alligator meat tastes like chicken and snails taste like sour cream. If you wanna go on a diet, read these two lines that I just wrote .lol.

  11. that makes me sick. Question: why not together and why is it "of course"? you say "not together of course".. because it would taste like meat and dairy together?

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