Jun 26, 2007

Picture of the day (potd)

Do you remember hearing the old refrain, "It's hot enough to fry an egg!"?

Well, in Israel right now it is hot enough to fry an egg!

The chef says it took a couple of minutes longer than usual, but the taste was great.... he cooked these eggs at 46 degrees centigrade in the shade in Tiberias....


  1. I hate to be "that guy," but I believe the expression is "hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk". People from colder or windier climes might not know all the hot-weather-related terms.

  2. I knew it was far too the last few days...

    you can't eat the egg that you fry on the sidewalk, though...

  3. I told my wife how hot it is, but she wouldn't believe me.

  4. Wow it must really hot down there. Old people, people with high blood pressure and young babies shouldn't be wandering outside.

  5. it is a major heat wave....

    jacob - show the pic to your wife, she will believe you...

    yoni - I am not familiar with that part of the phrase..

  6. I remember that when I was Eilat, it was 50 C- I didn't even knowthat it could get that hot!
    Now I'm sitting in my home in Montreal, my AC just broke and it is 40!
    Visit my blog and I'll link to you if you link to me.

  7. thanks bar kochba, but you are already linked on my blog...

  8. If it gets unbearable, send the heat our way. Seattle has not gotten its share of global warming....

  9. unbearable? I sit inside an airconditioned office all day. I have no idea if it is summer or winter, day or night....

  10. Now if only he could make shakshuka in the sun...


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