Jun 21, 2007

Nach Nach Music (videos)

I am in the mood for some Nach Nachs! Enjoy!

This one starts off as a basic, classical Jewish piece, but about 4 minutes in he has a great guitar solo and then changes the tempo:

The Nach Nach version of Numa Numa played on top of a van at Zion Square in Jerusalem:

And just for some more laughs, here is a Hebrew version of Numa Numa played at a frum wedding...I can't catch most of the words, but it is a good laugh anyway:

And back to some more Nach Nachs:

And here's some Nach Nach's dancing in Hevron - this version of the song seems to be pretty popular:


  1. I think I dreamed about this last night!

  2. what the heck is nach nah anyway. na nach nahchchchcch........

  3. lol. Most of the young BTs of Nachman's followers used to be ravers. You can see that from the style they are dancing. Their dancing is different than the "I bounce around" dancing.


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