Jun 12, 2007

Only in Israel

This morning at 6:23 am on my way to shul, I had the radio on to Kol Israel - the state run radio station. They were just concluding one of the morning news programs.

As they finish the discussion about if Shimon Peres would win the presidency who would replace him in the government, they were about to break for commercials. The host of the program then announced a request. This is one I do not remember hearing on the radio ever before.

The host of the program announced, "We ask everyone to daven for the child Bilhaa bat Rivka to be healed from her illness." (they did not say what was wrong with her).

I do not know who this girl is. Maybe she is the daughter of the station master. Maybe she is the daughter of a supporter of the station. Maybe she is just a random child who is very sick and her parents sent a letter to the station asking them to make such an announcement. I do not know.

But it shows me how Jewish of a country Israel is, even with all the politics and fighting and religion wars and whatnot. When it comes down to it, Israel is a Jewish state. The state-run radio station asks people to daven for a sick child.


  1. side note: I have never heard anyone named Bilhaa other than Yaakov avinu's wife.

  2. I have heard it here and there. it is not a commonly used name, that's for sure...

  3. I know a Bilha, nice to hear they announced to daven for the girl.

  4. Excuse the hebrew ignorance, but does daven=prayer?

  5. did you hapen to slaughter a goose on your way home?!?


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