Jun 20, 2007

How did Arafat die?

In this evening's edition of the Yisraeli newspaper, there was a small piece on on an old topic.

The spokesterrorist of Hamas announced that in their raids of Gaza and the PA government offices, they have uncovered documentation and evidence that Mohammed Dahlan, the PA Chief of Security (and member of Fatah) was responsible for the death/murder of Yasser Arafat.

It did not say how Dahlan had Arafat killed.

When Arafat died, there were varying rumors as to what was the cause of death. The PA never released any real information. The PA accused Israel of being responsible for his death. There were rumors Arafat died of anything from AIDS to cancer and many other options as well..

It looks like, if Hamas can be trusted at all, the PA killed its founder. A senior member of Fatah killed the founder of Fatah.

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