Jun 18, 2007

best reasons ever for not giving up the Golan heights

This is a Letter to the Editor printed yesterday in the Hamodia newspaper.

To the Editor,

I recently returned for a lovely ladies' vacation at Kinar to the headlines that Olmert is ready to give up the Golan Heights to Syria in a peace deal. There are a few points I would like to make. First of all, Kinar itself is actually on the east bank of the Kinneret, i.e. it's on the lower part of the Golan Heights. Olmert's peace deal would mean saying good-bye to Kinar.

Second, the bottom part of the Golan, where everyone likes to climb and where tiyulim converge, is also where all the nachalim are, creating an ideal natural climate for growing the most mehudar Chazon Ish esrogim, which are unlike chasalot produce that grew in Gush Katif and anywhere else in artificial climate-controlled green-houses. Olmert's peace deal would consign a large supply of mehudar esrogim to the curse of yesamhu alehah oiveichem.
These are the best reasons I have ever heard for not giving up the Golan in a peace deal. My vacation to the Kinar hotel will be ruined. I will have to find a different resort to vacation at. And the esrog growers will have to find a different place to grow their esrogs!

How dare Olmert even consider giving back the Golan heights! Does he not realize these disastrous ramifications such a deal would have!


  1. For the love of Esroigim, now that's a new one!

  2. He doesn't realize anything; he's an idiot.

    Losing the etrogim is a new reason, to me, too, but it's a good one. Along with, say, keeping a military edge on Syria and Iran, little things like that...

  3. mandi - for the love of esroigim....and don't forget a nice vacation spot!

    michael - yes, don't forget that minor reason....

  4. As much as I laughed at this woman's seemingly obliviousness, at least her reasons to not give back the golan resonate with her. It's hard for some people to care about things they don't understand, like safety and military strategy, but losing a vacation spot is something she can respond to.

    Funny as hell though.

  5. Uhm, aren't we forgetting the most important thing?

    The wineries people!

    Sheesh, some folks need to get their priorities straight....

  6. mizellie:

    wineries are great, if you can drink the wine...


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