Jun 25, 2007

Picture of the Day (potd) - Israel Baseball

(from Haaretz)

Opening Day of the Israel Baseball League has now passed, with what was an exciting game (by all reports - I could not be there).

Maybe next year I will try out to play in the league... I doubt I would make it in, but at least I could say I tried...

The only thing that I wonder about is this. There are 6 teams in the league. They will be playing 5-6 games per week. They are playing the season for about 2.5 months. That means each team will get tired of seeing the other teams very quickly, as they are going to be playing the same few teams over and over again.... Hopefully it will be a success and more teams will be formed...


  1. you forgot the fact that I'm pretty sure all the players live in the same compound.

  2. I was not aware of that. I also do not think it is true. it might be true for the players who came from abroad to play, as they might be staying in the same hotel or whatever the accomodations are. but the players who live in Israel probably stay at home....

  3. That is great news to hear Rafi!

    Since I doubt the US of A carries their games, do you know where I could find video's of the IBL playing online?


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