Jun 12, 2007

What has Ehud done for Israel? (video)

Someone sent me this video clip and I thought it was pretty funny. It is in Hebrew, so I apologize if you do not understand it. It is pretty simple Hebrew, so you should be ok.

Basically someone went around asking people what they know Ehud Olmert has contributed to Israel in all of his 40 year career in Israeli politics. Watch and enjoy!


  1. Glad to know I'm paying this guy's salary. (To be fair, someone is paying my salary, and all I'm doing right now is responding to a blog post!)

  2. I loved the ending "Ehhhhhud". Fantastic post.

  3. Rafi- for some reason I can never get the google videos to work, while your youtubes work right away. Any ideas?
    Solly G.


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