Jun 17, 2007

it's over. this is goodbye.

This is it. It is time to say "goodbye".

Everything good must eventually come to an end.

We were together in good times and bad.

You were an outlet for me.

Other people enjoyed your presence, and maybe some did not.

We raised you from a little nothing until you were fully grown.

It is now time to say goodbye.

Goodbye Goose.

We will no longer be known as "that crazy family with the goose" (we might be "that crazy family" but not "with the goose")

(yes, that is Flat Stanley)

And you were delicious too. My mother called me a "barbarian". My father threatened to sick PETA on me. It was the only way I could get my army brother to come to me for a shabbos weekend (now I have to look for a new plan to get him to come again!). We devoured you as would a caveman (mostly my brother, but I enjoyed some of you too), picking at the bones.

Goose. RIP. 29 sivan 5767.


  1. Yeah, you impress me sometimes.

  2. not 'with the goose' but 'crazy family who ate the goose'

    i'm sure it understood it was there to make your shabbos meal that much more enjoyable!

  3. I am relieved it's not the end of your blog!

    And as for the goose...if I had to slaughter my own meat I would be a vegetarian for sure. Other than that, it looks quite delicious!

  4. why in the world did you eat that goose? not that I'm not impressed with the complete lack of emotional attachment to your family pet, but still.... also, what's next on the more exotic pet list?

  5. OMG. That is so cruel.

    How dare you take such a cute and delicious goose, slaughter it, grill the poor thing... and not invite neighbors!

    Glad you enjoyed your Shabbos :)

  6. Hope your brother enjoyed it!

  7. I prefer corned beef--but what did you do with the eggs?

  8. thank you all for your kind wishes and condolences for the loss of Goose.

    Shaya - you would do it to, if your pet was kosher. The problem is that you have a dog.
    Next pet is a rabbit. Can't eat that.

    Mike - if I invited everybody who over the years had told me "Invite me over when you shecht it", I would not have enough food to feed them all even spread out over a year! As it is, I doubt most of them really believed I would ever actually do it...

    moi - we ate them. She only laid eggs for about 6 weeks a year. They were big and good.

  9. i love it rafi.

    rafi forgets to mention the manner in which we, mostly i, devoured it. no silverware. just hands and teeth, much the way i imagine cavemen ate.

  10. Man you got me hungry now...there goes the diet :)

  11. I most certainley would have done it also, that's why we're family. My question though was, why? and why now? Les was really upset when I told her that you did it and put up pics. the kids thought it cool though, esp rik.

  12. now was as good a time as any.... as one of my friends said, the supermarket must have been closed by the time I got there on Friday, so I had to slaughter the goose for food! :-)

  13. How COULD you???

    Oh, the horror!!

  14. I showed this post to my parrot, when she was talking particularly annoyingly, and it shut her right up...

  15. Brings a whole new meaning to being invited for dinner at Rafi's.

    Visit: Mr Bagel

  16. B"H I heard that goose is really easy to mess up, so I hope you posted the recipe on KCC this month. Did you sheht it yourself? If you didn't, then you're not allowed to say that you made it from scratch. ;-)

  17. I did shecht it myself. Duck and goose are easy to mess up - but I had a helper hold it down. The problem is with the body shape - it makes it difficult to hold and shecht... Because of my assistant, the shechita was smooth...
    So I did make it from scratch.. :-)


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