Jun 4, 2007

Don't people work for a living?

Doesn't anybody in this country work for a living?

The IDF, on instructions from the government, has approved of a Homesh rally.

Homesh, if you do not recall, was a settlement in the Northern Shomron that was evacuated by the Olmert government.

I think it is great that the government allows these rallies, and great that there are people willing to rally.

But doesn't anybody work for a living? How do people find the time to take off from work every time someone decides he wants to make a rally in the middle of the day in the middle of the work week?
The number of rallies I would have loved to participate in but could not due to work obligations is numerous. How do other people do it? Is it only students? Aren't they in school? Do people just take vacation days all the time?


  1. Nope - some blog... :)

  2. they blog for a living? tell me how a Jewish blogger can make enough money blogging about topics like Judaism and Israel and I am in! :-)

  3. Dear Rafi,

    Since you live in Eretz Yisrael and I don't, my suggested answers are based only on news reports,
    and you might know better.

    Still, my suggestions might include:

    1. Students on "strike" (taking their exams but not attending classes).

    2. Unfortunately, many of the Jews who were evicted from the territories have still not found jobs.

  4. Rafi,

    Now the yesha council is jumping on board.. what worthless scum they are.

    I work, but my ebay business is flexible.

  5. anonymous - lol.....

    elchonon, yes, yours is flexible, and I am sure some other peoples are as well, but the thousands of people who go to these things every time all have flexible schedules? they all have ebay stores? how do I get a job with such a flexible schedule?


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