Nov 8, 2009

Abbas retires - who cares?

On Friday PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced that he would be stepping down come January and not running for re-election.

After the initial announcement, everyone in the media went into overdrive trying to figure out what that meant - why he announced it, is he serious, is just trying to put pressure on Bibi and/or Obama, can he be talked out of it, what it means for the future of the peace process, etc.

I say, who cares? What has he done anyway? He advanced the peace process even less than Arafat did. He accomplished absolutely nothing in his years as PA Prez. He lost half of the PA territory to Hamas, he never even got talks to nearly the point Arafat got them in his day, he did not bring any sense of stability or hope for the future to his people. He accomplished nothing except for keeping the PA in almost a holding pattern.

So who cares if he retires? He did nothing as president anyway...


  1. The funniest part about this is that one of the reasons he's stepping down is because Israel wants the PA to return to negotiations without any preconditions. In other words, if he can't get something for nothing, he'll quit.

    Maybe the person who replaces him will understand the point of negotiations.

  2. he's a diddlysquatter fer sure, but

    a) almost certain instability will erupt in PA (certainly hurting the 'peace' process)

    b) fear of the unknown. e.g. will Hamas takeover?

    No Gnus is good gnus from gary gnu.

  3. I think he's laying the foundation for that guy in prison with a sentence of 100 years behind bars to be released and run for presidency of the pales. murderers. (sorry, forgot his name)


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