Nov 29, 2009

The number of life (video)

A touching video... unfortunately it is becoming more and more trendy to commemorate the holocaust and its victims in this fashion which is assur....Would the victims want to be remembered in this way?

Perhaps it would be appropriate, for the girl who just found out what the number means, to first go read a book or watch a film about what happened in the holocaust? She just found out there was such a thing and she right away romaticizes getting a tattoo - she has no idea what she is even remembering.

It seems to be trendy nowadays to tattoo a number on one's arm in commemoration, but what about first studying the history? reading the various books that tell the stories of real people who survived, and of those who did not?


  1. well, that's gotta be the first time i saw something on an email from my mother BEFORE seeing it on the jblogosphere!

    what's assur, tatooing with a magic marker?

    i agree with your point, but i think that the director's objective was to demonstrate how the "new" generation of children isn't even aware taht it existed, let alone understand its significance. he tried to portray this idea in a "sweet and innocent" fashion still driving home the same message "never forget".

  2. this girl did it with a marker, but the implication I understood was that she would be getting a tattoo that is the only way to remember

  3. she is a little kid - what does she know?


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