Nov 23, 2009

The haredi tone in Bet Shemesh

If you are from Bet Shemesh, you might be aware that the haredi newspaper Chadash recently underwent a major change. The newspaper was sold, as Mati Rosenzweig, the previous owner, had a conflict of interests being that he was appointed to the job of Municipal Spokesperson. Shortly after the sale, the editor of the paper was also changed.

In the few weeks since the editor was changed, I have noticed a major change in the tone of the paper. The previous editor always had a column on the first inside page in which he analyzed a lesson based on, usually, something in current culture - a holiday usually or something similar, only vaguely, at most, touching on local politics. In the paper itself, even if the reporting and writing was low quality and biased, at least the tone was reasonable.

Since the change, the quality has not improved (yet), but the tone has changed. Almost every article is spent attacking anybody in the city who does not tow the haredi line. The first page editorial has been, weekly, a scathing article against anybody who is not haredi or doesn't vote haredi, mostly against the Mafdal because of recent events, and many articles within are also spent attacking those who do anything other than the haredi position.

The quality has not improved, and the tone has gotten worse. I don't like it. It is getting even worse than the stupid attacks of the Keren Or newspaper on the haredim. And that is pretty bad.

I hope the turn for the worse is just a case of bad journalism and not an indication of a change for the worse in the general haredi community.


  1. That magazine was pretty bad to begin with. Always talking about misdeeds committed against charedim, but rarely against charedi violence and harassment.

  2. Rafi,

    Like it or not the Charedi tone in Bet Shemesh/RBS is only going to increase.

    Certain rabbonim, schools and organziations have become more "in vogue". The recent maavak about the kenyon Dolev is just one such example.

    I fear that our dear dover iriyah's statement that "within a year Bet Shemesh will be the largest Charedi city in Israel" is coming closer to the truth.

  3. whats going on with the kenyon dolev?

  4. Yes, that's a very good question. What IS going on with Kenyon Dolev? Rafi- Could you possibly post on this? Anyone have any information?

  5. I have not heard anything new about it. if anyone has any updates, they are welcome to write it in the comments or email me directly.

  6. petition obama to allow building in beitar and quiryat sefer. that will reduce the pressure on beit shemesh.

  7. According to Effie kanyon dolev is opening in January

  8. Mati Rosensweig is a Gerrer. THey are generally more tame.

    WHat is the new guy?

  9. Re: Kenyon Dolev-
    Why all the delays? Who is opening there? Was there any chareidi pressure against it?

  10. Delay for Dolev Kanyon:

    Quite simple:

    Eli (Allan) Kornfeld and Solly Perlstein are causing problems.

    They are demanding that the eateries have *their* hechsher AND that there be no tables for people to sit and eat at.

    They are also demanding that women who come into the kanyon who dont meet their standard of tznius be *forced* to wear those shawl things.

    There a more problems but these are the top 2 issues.

  11. Eli (Allan) Kornfeld

    Do you mean the "darling" of the Anglo community?

    This man has an agenda to Charedize RBSA and his dreamy eyed followers will not even realize what hit them when it happens.


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