Nov 15, 2009

The State of Palestine

The media is all about the current Palestinian threat that they are considering declaring statehood unilaterally.

What do you think Israel should do if it should happen?

I think it is a fairly good idea. Negotiations are going nowhere, and have not gone anywhere for a long time. Now we are not even talking. From the viewpoint of the Palestinians, they have world opinion pretty much on their side and will support such a state, for the most part.
From our viewpoint, I see it not making much of a difference in anything. The benefit I see is that if they are an independent state, then we can respond in kind to any hostilities started by the State of Palestine without having to worry about world opinion (in a dream world of course) as any hostilities would be by a country, and not by an oppressed, occupied people.

Also, I see it as a way to keep them out. if they are a separate country and not an occupied people, perhaps we can keep them out of Israel. If they want in, they should have passports and visas. If they want to work they should be required to get work permits, like any other foreign worker.

I see it as a win-win. That is, if Israel will be willing to implement such policies.


  1. then we can respond in kind to any hostilities started by the State of Palestine without having to worry about world opinion (in a dream world of course) as any hostilities would be by a country, and not by an oppressed, occupied people.

    Come on, we said that about the withdrawal from Lebanon, and then about the withdrawal from Gaza. It's a delusion that pops up every time we do something for "peace".

    A more realistic benefit is that we will be able to annex areas such as the Jordan valley. If the Palestinians have given up on a negotiated solution, we don't need to consider their opinion either.

  2. true, which is the reason for my last line. but maybe one day a government will be in place that will take such things seriously.

  3. In theory there's logic to what you're saying. However, in order to gain the benefit of Palestine being an independent state we'd have to pull our troops out of it.

    On the one hand the fear of a Cast Lead type of assault might be enough to keep them in line. On the other hand if the new government weren't strong enough, anarchy would ensue and we'd have Kassams landing almost everywhere.

    And what of the Jews living in towns deep within the new state? Who would provide for their security?

    Not sure it's worth the risk. Then again, we may have no choice.

  4. As I mentioned on my blog this morning, the PA is trying to force consessions using chaos as the alternative.

    There seems to be an assumption that a Palestinian State would have open borders with Israel. There is no reason to believe that would be the case. That is why some groups object to it's location and the fact it exists as a secondary argument.

    Declaration of a Palestinian State means Israel fully withdraws or WAR. I can't see Israel giving up on territory it has wanted to swap for in negotiations. This includes settlements and Holy sights including the Kotel.

    This war would not be like Gaza and Lebanon. Israel would be fighting against real armies like in 48, 67 & 73. Iran, Syria would join in and other Arab states could join in depending on which way they see the wind blowing.

    A Palestinian state with real borders may solve some of Israel's problems as you described. A self declared state would force a war with a lose, lose scenario.

  5. State's have rights that would make it much more difficult for Israel to prevent attacks etc. from a PA state.

    And the world (whose anti-semitic opinions are for some strange reason binding on Israeli leaders) would ensure that PA rights to murder and maim themselves (loshon nekia) would not be trampled on.

  6. Ehwhy- Syria, Iran and the rest of the Arab states have less than zero interest "defending" the rights of the poor Palestinians. Pals are just pawns and smokescreens for them. They love to talk a good game of brotherly love, but there is no chance they would actually put soldiers or risk anything to defend them.

    Not happening.

    The only thing that would happen is another Gaza scenario, if that.

  7. Abbi,
    I agree with you that the Arab state are more interested in playing Palestinian pawns then anything to do with helping them.

    Should a war occur between Israel and a Palestinian State, I see these particular countries taking the same view point as Jordan in 67 & 73. If they think victory is at hand they will be there to take part in the spoils. Syria and Lebanon want land while Iran would love to take all of the credit. To a lesser degree other countries may be interested in taking credit for a great victory.


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