Nov 2, 2009

The Neturei Karta Cheerleaders... (video)

Here is a good laugh... The Neturei Karta Cheerleaders. Mayor Nir Barkat, who ran the NYC Marathon yesterday, is told to keep running and not go back to Israel...


  1. Normally, raving lunatics start with facts and weave them into craziness - these guys don't even bother with the initial step.

  2. They have something only against Jews who happen to live in a Jewish State! The NK sound a lot like the miscreants who complained about having to leave Egypt and lost sight of the fact the Jews were returning home. One would think the Jews would be happy to get out of slavery. But as the Torah records, the Jews have always had their advocates for staying in exile even before Mt. Sinai. And they still do to this very day.

  3. Nir Barkat finished in 04:42:46


  4. great. Even I ran faster than Barkat! Wow!

  5. kol hakavod, Nir!!


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