Nov 10, 2009

pashkevils supporting Elior Chen

The latest pashkevils in Yerushalayim are supporting Elior Chen. They must believe only the graphologists who say his handwriting indicates he is a real swell guy.


  1. That is truly truly nauseating. Are there any despicable acts of child abuse that a small group of charedim won't support?

  2. who are the gedolie torah of canada and europe?

  3. what deeply disturbs me about all these cases is not the abuse, which sad as it is, is expected from a fraction of a percent of world society, which we are part of. what disturbs me is the way normal, decent, intelligent, educated G-d fearing people forget EVERYTHING they know in an us-vs-them reaction; is there really not even a hava amina that there are some deranged memebrs of jewish society who are abusers/murderers/drugs traffickers?

  4. Amazement, bewilderment, repulsion .... but nevertheless one must have 'respect' for Rabbanim.

    BUT I just can't understand the organized Rabbeim in their support of people who murder the neshomas of their "flock"!?

    We have learned that murdering the body can be atoned for; but murdering the neshoma CANNOT.

  5. I am not so sure that the people backing Chen are typical Haredim.

    ACM"L the entire social structure of this thing.

    b'kitzur there is no reason too extrapolate fromt his to the whole of haredi society.

    Of course this is a small nechama since this group as small as it is is demonstrating behavior which has no words to describe it and it is very sad that Jews of any stripe act this way.

  6. garfield - I am not so sure that the people backing Chen are typical Haredim.

    Do, did the "typical Charedim" (whatever that is) rip all these signs down in their neighborhoods?


  7. Garfield, unfortunately, even though this doesn't reflect "most" charedim, this was put out by a group of ppl claiming to be charedi. And I'd like to know the answer to Mark's question as well.

    As long as mainstream charedim don't riot in protest to these pashkevilim or at least loudly condemn them, it's problematic.

  8. Your interest in seeing at least a loud condemnation is weird.

    there are endless nutty pashkevilim that go up all the time. they do not necessarly represent anybody but the shmo who puts its up.

    e.g. NK put up pashekevilim villifying and eternally damning anyone who votes 'Gimmel' all the time. 'Gimmel' voters do not protest this since it is just the work of wackos.

    also, generally haredi protests are organized by some big time machers for some specific personal/political motive (desire for anarchy, boredom, whatever). ya can't draw any conclusions about what is important to Haredim from these things.

    Are you protesting? no. there is nothign to protest. You like me are probably no different than the average person, Ultra, MO, secular, whatever who is repulsed horrified and saddened by this story and only wishes that it is not true. but do we protest every time a sicko harms others or is supported by his fellow sickos? no. we let the courts do their thing and hope justice is served as best as man can serve it.

  9. agav, i personally have some very big issues with the haredi world.

    but ya know, ya can't knee jerk sterotype everytime.

    and even legitimate criticism - ya have to know when to give it and how. I generally do not know how to give it so in order to vent I end up just complaining to my wife or a freind on my wavelength in private about all of the shenanigans of the Haredi world when they start getting to me.

    the kneejerking and extreme condemnations (yes, the haredim do the same exact thing to other groups) (and yes, 2 wrongs never make a right) just exposes bias and is not helpful. it actually makes things worse for obvious reasons.

  10. All the more so the reason they should throw away the key and give him life -- you see the influence he has on his followers still ... and when he gets out he will no doubt go back to his evil ways. Who knows whose kid or grandkid will suffer at his hands next!!!

    Those kids said "Some deny the holocaust too but survivors have numbers on their arms just like we have the scars on our bodies."


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