Nov 16, 2009

Compounding the problems in RBS C/G/3

I reported once before about rumors that were cropping up regarding possible graves in the construction zone of RBS C/G/3, and that they might cause trouble with the expansion plans of Bet Shemesh.

Everybody in City Hall, and I had asked a few, at the time shrugged it off saying there is nothing to worry about - it is just a rumor, not really a problem, etc.

It seems that the rumor is becoming more serious. Kikar Shabbos is reporting that graves have been found, and while archaeologists say that they don't expect there to be more than just a few graves (which might not even be Jewish), the Asra Kadisha people say they have information about there being a lot more than what is being discussed openly. They do not trust the politicians or the archaeologists, and no land will be released for construction until they give the approval.

It might take RBS C/G/3 a lot more time to be built than previously discussed...

And if that is not enough, the Ministry of Interior might be canceling the tender for City Spokesman that was won a year ago by Mati Rosenzweig. The MOI is claiming that Rosenzweig does not meet the necessary [academic] criteria for the position.

I don't know the rules, what is or is not required, and if they will or will not work it out or reissue the tender from scratch, but it is another item throwing a wrench into Abutbol's plans...


  1. Yes!

    You made my day. Just last week I was saying to a friend that I wish we could find someone to plant some bones there.

    I'm not anti-growth and I think people who need housing should find it. But I think Beit Shemesh needs to pause and take a breath. This city has tripled in size in a dozen years with virtually no urban planning.

    This will give our services and infrastructure a chance to catch up. It will also allow the new mayor and council to show that they can do things for the people who already live here and not pander to those who don't.

    If we're real lucky C/G/3 can be delayed until after the next election. Abutbol would then have to run based on what he's done for us and not be able to rely on a newly stacked deck.

  2. asra kadisha doesn't have authority.
    Let them build and charedim won't move in.

  3. Good Bye and Good RidanceNovember 16, 2009 3:44 PM

    The best news is cancelling Rosezweig's tender.

    This man is far from being a spokesman for the city. I'll give him credit however that he doesn't hide his Charedize Bet Shemesh agenda.

    Let's remember that he was founder and owner of Chadash, one of the biggest rags that I've ever seen.

  4. You guys crack me up. You make it sound like theres a line up for thousands of DL / MO that want to come here. There arent! They werent able to fill up Shilo (there are plenty of chareidim there). Why do you think RBS3 will be any different? Except that there will be chareidim there also, which will keep the DL / MO / secular away

  5. Rafi, It seems the Mati Rosenzweig article was taken down. Any idea why? I haven't seen it mentioned any where else.


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