Nov 16, 2009

Nachshon and Shimshon

The Nachshon Junction and the Shimshon junctions are both near Bet Shemesh, major junctions on the Highway 44. Nachshon and Shimshon are probably about 7 kilometers from each other (estimate).

It seems they are closer together than just in proximity.

The Shimshon Battalion recently held a protest during a ceremony in which they declared they do not take part in disengagements.
Now the Nachshon Battalion has also declared that they too will not take part in disengagements.


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  3. If more units 'abstain' maybe that would be sufficient to abort any repeat of a 'gush katif' style evictions from Yehuda & Shomron. I actually see that history might repeat itself, with Yehuda defending and repelling any such eviction, i.e. the break-away, in the time of Rehavim ben Shlomo and Yerovam ben Nevat.

    PS Has anyone compared the linguistic similarity between Rahav-im and Yeravam? Is there any in the Hebrew root, i.e. rahav = wide; ye-rav-am = to make many people ???

  4. עקרונית , I am totally against evictions of Jews from 'settlements' or anywhere else in Israel.
    But, what does this abstention do to the discipline and focus of the IDF? Doesn't it undermine it? It seems to me that the Arabs would gleefully watch as the IDf loses it's purpose of mission, and (chas ve-shalom) take advantage of it by attacking. At least, the confusion would strengthen the Arabs' ideological stance.

    Thus, I am torn as to what the right thing is to do...

  5. they got punished by the army.

    the nation is behind you, giborrim!


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