Nov 30, 2009

Join the army, get married!

Only in Israel where everything is heimishe, even the non-religious are more heimishe than they are outside of Israel, could this happen.

The army unit of Netzach Yehuda, a.k.a Nahal Haredi, has found a way to attract new recruits. They have hired the services of a shadchan to help set the soldiers up with dates to find their soul mate!

This actually is meant to make up for the fact that in the haredi world having served in Nahal Haredi has come to lower (whatever that means) a persons prospects in the shidduch scene. While in the general society the more or higher one serves in the army the better the "shidduch" he will be offered, in the haredi world it is the opposite.

So the shadchan was hired to help them get over this barrier. (source: NRG)


  1. They should be able to compensate for their army service by only dating via video-conference.

  2. Ha! but that seems to be only in the US

  3. Then the only thing left to do is to give to Kupat Ha'ir.

  4. but you need to wait for the precise 9 minutes it is most precipitous.

  5. Boy, that Kupat Ha'ir really gets around :-)

    Only in Eretz HaKodesh does the ingenuity of the Jewish genius minds think up such truly amazing ideas!! ;-)


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