Nov 18, 2009

Cows are on a coffee break

Can there really be a shortage of butter at Tnuva or is the makolet guy just pulling my leg?

I mean, if you've got milk, can't you make butter?

And if Tnuva is short on butter, what about the other dairy suppliers like Tara?

According to this, there is a shortage of butter, due to a shortage of fresh milk.

Tell those cows to get back to work. We need our butter!


  1. "I mean, if you've got milk, can't you make butter?"

    Of course you can - just then you can't sell that milk as milk...

  2. Yes, you just change the label and raise the price.

  3. Butter can be made only from cow's milk (this is why people who are makpid on Chalav Yisrael often take any butter).
    Maybe the milk Tnuva's got is not cow's milk...

  4. from JKN:

    Kashrut Alert – November 17, 2009

    1 Rosh Chodesh Kislev
    30 Cheshvan 5770
    17 November, 2009

    Tnuva Eida Chareidit Butter
    If you are one of the shoppers who usually purchases Tnuva Eida
    Chareidit butter, you may have noticed the item disappeared from store

    I began wondering and after receiving a number of emails questioning
    what happened, I spoke to my contact at the Jerusalem-based kashrut
    agency. The disappearance of the butter is due to a shortage of fresh

    The rabbi explained that as a result, a number of items were
    manufactured of late using milk powder, which simply does not suffice
    for butter, hence the shortage.

    Beginning today/tomorrow, the distribution of butter is expected to
    get underway and those experiencing the shortage should see the
    product on store shelves in the coming days.

  5. I once made butter by not paying attention and overwhipping some cream I was preparing. Since I prevent waste as much as possible, I fished the pieces of butter out and put them on matzah with a little salt and ate it. It was rather tasty!


  6. I got butter at Yesh on Monday.

    Sometimes the store tells you the country is out of something when it just means their supermarket chain distribution line has run out of it.

    About a month ago, Yesh claimed that with matches, around the same time Shefa Shuk said that about one flavor of soup-in-a-cup - their competition had it.


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