Nov 10, 2009

PM Benjamin Netanyahu's GA speech (video)

Bibi's speech at the General Assembly yesterday






  1. thanks. I clicked on the wrong link for the code and didnt pay attention. I fixed it

  2. You gotta hand it to him, he's a fantastic speaker. However he still makes the same error that all his predecessors made by hanging on to this idea that the way to peace is by concessions. They don't understand it's not about land or sovereignty, what our enemies want is our destruction. So no concessions will ever work as long as we are still in the picture.

    Why won't he stand up and say "By G d, this is ours, not yours. If you try to take it away from us, we will stop you and if you try to destroy us, we will destroy you first. Just stay out of our way while we make your lives better with our science and technology, and we'll all be happier."

    Last point, I disagree with the guy that introduced him. Bibi may be the present leader of the Jewish State, but he is by no means the leader of the Jewish People.

  3. This should have been titled

  4. Wanna, Bibi knows that as well, but a small country with no natural allies can't just ignore the world the way you want him to.
    He was elected by by Jews to be the head of the Jewish State in Eretz Yisrael. Neither he nor the State is close to ideal or perfect, but for now the PM is the closest thing we have a head of the Jewish People.

  5. Mul, you've hit the nail on the head. Concerned with what the World thinks? As was demonstrated for, what. the gazillionth time with the Goldstone report, it doesn't matter how far Israel bends over backwards - aborting missions is putting the security of its own people in 2nd place to the security of the civilians of its attacker, how bass-ackwards is that? - to pacify the World, the World still condemns Israel. If you do what you know is the right thing, don't worry what others say. In fact, in the instances when Israel acted as any other nation would, such as 1967, Israel received accolades from the World. So if you can't get away from worrying what the World thinks, do the right thing, and you'll see.

    I say the leader of the Jewish State is not the leader of the Jewish People because Bibi is not a role model for Jewish values and ideals. His life is not guided by G d, Torah or Mitzvot. You can call him the leader of the Jewish people in a political sense, but not in the context of the Jewish religion / faith.

  6. Wanna-the Jewish people and faith are the same. We have had many political leaders were not role models in that sense. Very few mentioned in Tanach were. However they were the leaders of the Jewsih people in their time, as the Prime Minister is today.


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