Nov 26, 2009

Virtual Assistant


Do you love meeting with people but can't stand booking the appointments? Have you ever shown up to a meeting but the other person wasn't there (because neither of you confirmed)?

There is a solution for you! An American virtual executive assistant from Secretary in Israel can make and confirm all of your appointments for you using Google Calendar, Entourage, or Microsoft Outlook. Never again miss a meeting or waste another minute booking your own appointment!

Learn more about their American virtual executive assistants and the services they can help you with.


  1. Very nice idea! Hope they make it work.

  2. The Virtual Personal Assistant can be the perfect assistant for companies. This is because companies get the results with less of the cost and less of the stress.

  3. Virtual personal assistants are of great help to the companies in lightening their workloads. This would allow them to focus more on the very cores of their business, without sacrificing their business effectiveness and goodwill.


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