Nov 18, 2009

ticket becomes warning

Remember the ticket I recently got while driving to Bnei Braq? The one with the cop who negotiated with me what to write in the ticket?

Well, I followed her instructions and mailed in a copy of my ticket to the traffic police office to be reconsidered and converted to a warning.

Today I received in the mail a letter from the police. It says that they reviewed the case, and due to the circumstances, and taking my good driving record into account, they have decided to convert the ticket to a warning.

The whole thing was very strange, but I'll take it! Sometimes the system, crazy as it might be, works out well..


  1. I was once driving in Rechovot near Weizmann/Faculta l'Haklaut and did something which might have been illegal maybe the yellow turned red in mitten, I do not remember punkt and the cop who pulled me over was really nice and just said listen what you did was dangerous to yourself, make sure it doesn't happen again.

    I guess he saw from talking to me that I was not a lunatic driver and somehow divined that this was a one time thing (which it was whatever it was).

    Of course, m'idach gisa dangerous driving is a national plague and maybe cops should be more strict even if it means erring on the side of giving fines to those who are not habitual offenders whenver they mess up.


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