Nov 24, 2009

maps and division details of RBS C/G/3

For those of you interested...

After hearing all this talk about building in RBS C/G/3 and about dividing or not dividing it up, you might be curious how it is going to work.

Here are the maps of how the sections will be divided up, according to the original plan at least, and how the plots are being divided and put up for building tenders..

Overview map:
This map contains the basic layout of RBS Gimmel.
The legend:
Orange - Bnei Beitchah
Yellow/Blue - Residential housing
Brown - Public buildings
Green - Parks
Gray - Shopping areas

Sections Map/List:
The iryah voted to apportion RBS Gimmel evenly between three groups - Chareidi/Dait Leumi/General.
While the Misrad Hashichun did not approve this division, the information was still presented to the interested kablanim as attached. The map shows the basic division and the list shows exactly which areas and number of units are in each section.


  1. Where exactly is the other entrance emptying out/entering? Trying to figure out just how big this is and how its going to be affecting the local traffic patterns.

  2. Interesting definition of "third."

    Smart to put the Chareidim in a place where no has to drive through their neighborhoods, although putting DL away from Ramat Shilo seems like it's designed to reduce the appeal.

  3. but don't you see the brilliance of the plan? give the charedim the huge park, give them shopping centers. but don't you dare complain that they are getting the best end of the deal, b/c the DL are getting the most yechidot diyur

  4. Isn't "General" going to become 100% charedi very quickly?

  5. This is a looming disaster of epic proportions.

    Hoping they find lots more kevorim and maybe even some dinosaur bones just seal its fate!

  6. YES general will become chareidi - and do you know WHY -- because thats who wants to live in RBS G? Not dl. Not MO. not Secular. Chareidim want it, and chareidim are willing to put their money where their mouth is and move in en masse. Something that secular will not do, and something that DL / MO will not do (for example see shilo, in which the DL was NOT able to fill it with non chareidim)

  7. anon 7:35 has an excellent point.

    if you do not have enough people for a nieghborhood - grow up and let someone else live there.

    sheesh. the dl have yet to respond to this point. other than to cry about 'charedization'

    RBS A was supposed to be 'hiloni' and 'dl'. But turned black just like SHilo is as well.

    k'nireh, dl do not have genug interest in BS.

    So stop being childish about it and let the building for those who have interest get under way.

  8. All of RBS for ALLNovember 25, 2009 3:50 AM


    I can't blame them for wanting to live there but being fearful of what might happen.

    Who would have thought that the Merkaz in RBSA would toss out tables and chairs at Yaaleh or put up the Nuremberg law signs in every store?

    For years this kind of thing was kept to Meah Shearim but now they wish to impose Sheira law on everyone.

    What business did certain rabbonim have in attempting to control the mikve and new mall on Dolev which is inhabited mainly by DL?

    If the gedolim of the past were bale to thrive w/o such nonsense why can't we all just get along?

    So yes, the DL/MO/Chiloni are concerned that they will buy in RBSC and eventually be persona non grata in their own neighborhood.

  9. sheesh. the dl have yet to respond to this point. other than to cry about 'charedization'

    That's the whole point. When charedim reach a certain critical mass, they tend to make life very miserable for other people.

  10. RBS A was supposed to be 'hiloni' and 'dl'. But turned black just like SHilo is as well.

    There is a much quoted myth that RBS A is black. It's just not true!
    At least half the residents would not call themselves haredi (or appreciate being called that). There are many thriving DL shuls and communities - come join the Yom Ha'atzma'ut celebrations to see the mass of DL living here.

    So why do people think that the haredim run the place?? Firstly they are more visible because they are around during the day, while the DL tend to go out early to daven and work and return late in the evening.
    Also, they are less involved in demos and local politics and shenanigans, mostly because they are too buy with their jobs.
    Labeling RBS A as a haredi 'hood is just wishful thinking (or scare tactics).


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