Nov 24, 2009

Interesting Posts #104

1. Between JM and TLV on between life and death - the guy in a coma for 23 years who now says he was conscious the whole time.

2. Aussie Dave has a picture that he holds up in Ahmadinejad's face.

3. Mystical Paths describes the evil town of Gilo..

4. Frum n' Flippin asks if blogging is tzniyus...

5. Benjie went to the Gilad Shalit tent and describes what he experienced. Hopefully the tent will soon be closed down and Gilad Shalit will be home with his family..

6. Circus Tent on the clip of the Tosher Rebbe making a bracha.. Personally I received this clip by email and did not like it. I was ashamed for the rebbe. I don't know him or who he is, but I do not think this clip, even though it is entitled as an amazing clip of him, shows him in a good light. I don't know what is so amazing or inspiring about how he says that bracha. Hafuch - to me it looks like they are shaming the rebbe. Perhaps he is ill and does not have control of all his facilities. Perhaps something else. But I think this clip is bizuy talmidei chachomim. And even if he is in full control of himself, what is so amazing and inspiring about this? Are we all meant to say brachos like this? I think whoever put this clip up accomplished the opposite of what his intentions were...

7. Open Minded Torah on fanatics in Israel...


  1. I think it's disgusting that anyone would video and/or publicize such a video of a revered old Rabbi (or any man, for that matter) who apparently is losing his abilities. It is a sad thing and not meant to be publicized far and wide on the Internet. DISGUSTING. A bizayon. Shameful. Completely assur. And all that. I can guarantee you that when my grandfather began losing his abilities, we didn't ever videotape them for the world or even for family members to see. We want to remember him as the kind, wonderful gentleman that he was before his essence, his personality, was destroyed by disease.


  2. Mark - that is my opinion as well. but according to the comments on circus tent, and somewhere else I saw it (I think it was in the bechadrei forum bu I am not sure), they say he was always like that specifically for the hamotzi bracha, something to do with a kabbalistic way of saying the bracha.

    if that is true, and I have no idea if it is or is not, at least it is not showing him sick and losing his mind. That is the way he is, so be it.

    But even if that is the way he always has been, what is so amazing about it? I see nothing inspiring in the way he says the bracha...

  3. The caretakers for the guy in the putative vegetative state seem to be using the discredited 'facilitated communication.' See here for more:
    There's more to it than this - he was found to have brain activity in scans and such, so there's probably somebody in there.

  4. I agree with you that it's sad to see, but it doesn't look like Alzheimers to me, you see people like this occasionally who are young. A few weeks ago I saw someone in Har Nof behaving in the same way. It's some sort of OCD.

    I'd be interested to see him saying some other brochos or davening, but there are none on youtube.

    Much easier to explain it away as "kabalistisher inyonim" though, however unlikely.

  5. Why is it unlikely? How much do you know about it to be able to say it is or isn't?


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