Jan 27, 2012

Nokia ringtone during concert of classical music (video)

Nokia ringtone during concert of classical music

The violinist performing in the video below is clearly very talented, as well as a quick thinker..

Maybe when someone's cellphone goes off in shul the chazzan should start singing the services to the same tune...


  1. The Nokia ringtone is taken from a famous classical piece. It seemed to me that this "interruption" was planned.

  2. halevai we had chazanim with good nusach, let alone the talent to pull this off.

  3. Very clever!

    Who has a cellphone that rings in shul while there is a chazzan? Do you guys have chazzanim during the week?

  4. even a weekday chazzan (shliach tzibbur) could break out in tune if necessary.. and especially on rosh chodesh


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