May 1, 2008

the next step in the cherem of MBD

was separate seatingAbout 3 weeks ago, in anticipation of the big annual Chabad concert celebrating the Rebbe's (zt"l) birthday, Motke Blau and his Rabbinic Committee for Jewish Music came out banning the concert and trying to convince the main performers, Mordechai Ben David and Yaakov Shwekey, to pull out from their commitment.

Yaakov Shwekey refused to back down, producing a letter from his Rav, Rav Ovadiah Yosef, allowing him to perform at the concert. MBD then also stood up to Blau and refused to pull out.

Blau then upped his level of threats by threatening anybody who comes to the concert. He said every person would be photographed and his/her picture would be publicized and Rosh Yeshivas and Seminary principals would be contacted. That did not work either, so Blau must have been feeling pretty insignificant.

He has now come out with his next move. He has put out the following letter:

Page 1 of the letter says: Because Mordechai Ben David refused to heed the warning not to perform at the concert in Ramat Gan, we have received instructions from the gedolim to publicize an issur on his recordings and from hosting him at events, and from advertising him in newspapers. Included in this issur, is Yaakov Shwekey, and his producer Yohi Briskman, who arrogantly performed in the same concert.

Page 2 follows with a list of all the singers that are assur to buy their albums, to host at concerts, to advertise. The list is pretty long:

What a joke. The Committee for Jewish Music. Indeed.


  1. Maybe this was an indirect way of telling people not to go to concerts over sefirah?

    Either that or he's telling us Dylan is Ok by not including him!

  2. whew! i didn't see shlomo artzi or shiri maimon on the list

  3. This is the same type of nonsense that kabashed the Ma'ar going up.

    These people want to control every aspect of your life without regard to Torah, halacha or personal choice.

    We here in BS/RBS have some of the "heavy hitters" among these hooligans (as well as some good undercover ones) so look out and beware.

  4. This is much less accepted than the fight against the maar going up. That is backed by all of the rabbonim and all of the chareidim. This is not. Maybe it will be, but at this point it certainly is not accepted across the board like the fight against the maar.

    Regarding the maar - even a strong minority of our secular bretheren from BS want the maar in BS, and not in RBS. They understand that the maar is a tool being used by the mayor to try and stop the chareidi takeover of his city. He will lose this battle, and he will lose his war. natural growth will win out here. And they are not interested in fighting some stupid battle. They want the maar close to them for the jobs it will open up for them, and for the entertainment it will bring them

    regarding the music ban, take a look at - they have an unteresting piece there

  5. interesting post

  6. looks like most of these rabbi's that you all belive in them are pupit in the hand of the low life's that come in front of them
    with all the lies and SHKER, in light of what is happening i dont belive any paper that any of the so called "gedolim" sign, I consider myself a jew shomer thora u mitzvot to the best of my ability,i am no longer under The Banner Charedi becuse of all the meshugoim in our society today

  7. Wouldn't it be easier to publish the list of those that you are *allowed* to listen to...?

  8. he would probably charge them an advertising fee


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