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Jul 8, 2008

abusing good will in NY

Last year there was a video news report about permission that had been given to use a specific rest stop on the side of the highway on the way up to the mountains of NY for a davening stop. The news report showed how people were abusing the privilege and selling food there. They were selling salads for Shabbos, cholent, sandwiches, etc., people were collecting tzedaka, etc. A result of this was making a tremendous mess, leaving their garbage piled up there.

The authorities got pretty PO'ed that the permission they had given had been abused.

The machers of NY who just had to sell cholent will be proud to know that because of them this year the police have canceled the permission to use the stop for davening.

An alternate location, much smaller, has been promised, on condition the mess of last year does not repeat itself. This itself was a fight, as the police, understandably, did not want to hear more promises how it would only be for prayer. but in the end they agreed, with the threat that they would cancel it immediately if the rules are not adhered to.

(source: Mishpacha newspaper)

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  1. I remember reading about this last year and thinking it was a big Chillul Hashem. Besides serving and eating food and littering, they were selling raffle tickets. The link to the article and newsclip is here:



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