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Jul 28, 2008

Ehud Olmert only thinks about today

This morning's newspapers were all over a report by Yuval Diskin, chief spy who runs the Shin Bet, that the "truce" in Gaza is a farce and Hamas is using it to smuggle in more, and greater, weaponry, and to re-strengthen themselves.

All the politicians discussed it and most criticized the truce, except for Ehud Barak who said it is the right thing, and we were right to not respond to the violations of the truce. Hamas has taken control and has been able to stop the smaller organizations from breaking the truce, etc..

Ehud Olmert, our wily Prime Minister, said the most unusual thing of them all. He spoke against the truce, and he said that in five years we will ask ourselves how we could have made this mistake.

Needless to say he did not bother providing an answer to the question. he simply knows it is wrong and that down the road we will all regret it. So why did we make the deal? Why do we keep the deal? Why do we allow the violations to continue on the other side in Gaza, while we say and do nothing about it?
He provided no answer. He might not care because he knows he will not bear any responsibility in five years. He will by then be long forgotten, possibly sitting inside some dusty jail cell for the crimes he has committed against the Israeli people (probably not, but one can hope!). So he has a truce now that he keeps, despite knowing it is dangerous and bad for us, and that we will regret it later, but who cares about later. We need to only think about today.


  1. What a surprise! Sure he thinks about today only, since he hardly have a tomorrow...

  2. Five years? Who cares? Mashiach is coming in October (or perhaps the last day of September, which coincides with the first day of Tishrei this year). The whole issue will be moot by then.


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