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Jul 30, 2008

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Israel is a nation of grumblers who complain about most everything...

------ PM Ehud Olmert

Didn't Hashem get upset at Moshe in the desert when he said a similar statement?


  1. That wasn't really Moshe's complaint. If you read a bit more of the context of Olmert's quote, it actually makes a lot of sense (basically, the government can't be all things to all people).

    Had Olmert started his premiership on this note, and worked toward reaching the sentiment expressed therein, he would probably have a lot more support than he does now (not counting the people who support his leaving.)

  2. Rafi-
    Speaking of complaining:
    You've been kvetching that you didn't get asked to speak at the NBN conference and that you weren't included in some of the "7 Favorite Blogs" posts. I hate to see you unhappy, so please stop by Superraizy to view your very own shout-out.


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