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Jul 24, 2008

kannoim of today compared to those of yesteryear

Ba'Kehilla newspaper reported on a speech given by the Admor of Toldos Aharon to 200 avreichim about kannaus.

To summarize the article, he basically told them that today's kannoim are nothing like those of the past. True kannuas, such as by Rav Amram Blaui, stemmed from his love of all Jews and yiras Hashem. He felt true pain when he discovered a Jew sinning, and he had to protest it.
Comparing that to kannoim of today, the Admor said, today's kannoim work from a corrupt point.
They wake up in the morning and try to think how they can hurt someone today. Their heads are not busy with serving Hashem, or with trying to effect an increase in
kavod shamayim. All day long they deal with pashkevilim and vilification. There has not been a single gadol or leader that they have not yet vilified. This is not kannaus - this is the worst possible corruption of middos.

See the article below for more of what the Admor said.


  1. Kudos to him, but it won't make the slightest bit of difference. Unless he is going to mention the bad guys by name and expose them, nothing will dissuade them.

  2. I dont think he was speaking about anyone specific, just general. it seems to me he was "dissuading" them, so to speak, from getting into kannaus...

  3. Important article. Thanks, Rafi.


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