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Jul 22, 2008

the tractor as a weapon

Considering the terrorist attack that just took place a few minutes ago in downtown Jerusalem (right outside the hotel Barak Obama will be staying in tonight) using another tractor, I have three initial points to make:
  1. After the last tractor attack, a number of people said, some of the from abroad, that maybe it was not a terrorist attack, rather just a crazy guy who killed people. Comparisons were made to murderers in the US, such as Columbine, the DC sniper, and many others - they do not call them terrorists but murderers. They suggested maybe that tractor terrorist was just a murderer and not a terrorist. This seems to show that this has become the new modus operandi in jerusalem for terrorist attacks.
  2. Now that the tractor has become an official weapon in the fight against Israel, it would behoove Israel's government to give to the PA, perhaps even as a goodwill gesture, but at least in negotiations, thousands of tractors, just as the government gave the PA thousands of rifles and weapons, and recently even armored vehicles. Once we are giving them weapons to use against us, we should give them tractors as well.
  3. Considering that, once again, it was a civilian on the scene that stopped the terrorist and killed him, the government should consider disbanding the police and army, considering they do not actually bother protecting us anyway, and privatize it by hiring private citizens in its place. As well, they should consider distributing guns to all private citizens - it would seem to be our best strategy for stopping terror.


  1. Thank G-d we have civilians who carry arms and know how to use them. But you can't blame the police for not being there at the right time. Do we really want to see policemen/soldiers on every single street corner all day every day in every town in Israel?

    That would be a sign that we were 'terrorized' and were living in terror - a victory for the Arabs.
    Far better to show them that our lives will go on as normal, and terrorists can/will be shot down by any Jo-Shmo who is passing by.

  2. truth is you are right. Except for the fact that downtown Jerusalem is loaded with police anyway. The magavnik who finished the job was right down the block.
    But this time it was different than the other times. The other times police were on site, but did not confront the terrorist. This time, the police were not yet on site.

  3. Until such time as I'm offered the option to protect myself (as a non-settler, non-volunteer police officer, non-ex-officer, I have no right to armed personal protection), then yes, I will insist on the police doing it for me.


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