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Jul 2, 2008

is there a shooting conspiracy? (video)

I have no idea what this conspiracy is all about. At the time of the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva terrorist attack, there was a conspiracy around who shot the terrorist. The video which I posted then identified clearly some guy named David Shapira as the shooter of the terrorist. He was not given credit all the news stations shortly afterwards gave the credit to someone else. The debate raged at the time.

In today's terror attack, the terrorist has been identified and confirmed as the cousin of the terrorist from the Merkaz HaRav. If that is not enough of a coincidence, the shooter of today's terrorist has been identified as the brother in law of David Shapira, the shooter of the Merkaz HaRav terrorist. Only after Shapira's brother in law shoots the terrorist a few times, does a policeman climb up the tractor and shoot another two shots. The news media are now giving the credit to the police and no longer mentioning the real shooter.

I have no idea what the reason for such a conspiracy might be, other than just to take credit, but you can watch the original video for yourself.


  1. The only thing I can think of is that while we're all familiar with Israel's "heimish" feel, it seems like they have things more under control if they claim the attacker was thwarted by the police.

  2. I'm thinking off-the-cuff but ...

    If I was generous I'd theorize that the police want to take responsibility to eliminate the possibility of someone deciding to avenge the terrorist's death i.e. avoid the possibility of a blood vendetta. You can add to this the likilihood that they don't want to encourage 'vigilantism' by admitting in this justified case it was an off-duty soldier (i.e. legally civilian).

    Unfortunately I'm not a generous person, at least where the Israeli Police and especially Yassam are concerned. The PR people are simply working over time to regain the lost honor of watching a green clad soldier climb up on the tractor and shoot the terrorist while the tactically trained anti-terrorist police officer stands on the edge of the scene screaming at the tractor (trying to talk the terrorist into surrendering?)

  3. Where did you hear the terrorist is a cousin?

  4. it was in one of the articles I read, but I cannot find it now. Either they have covered it up (because they refused to destroy his house last time) or they found it to be incorrect

  5. If you want a conspiracy, the cop is being quoted as saying that after Plesser shot the driver, the tractor was still moving until he "neutralized" him. But it's clear from the video that the tractor stopped moving before the cop got into position. (Actually, it's probably not due to a conspiracy, but to an understandable, due to the circumstances, lapse in memory, but I doubt we'll see a correction any time soon.)

  6. I see it as part of bigger picture, the media does notwant good press for religious zionists. To portray them as heroes is anethema to them. It's continuation of marginalizng of RZ community.

  7. I've seen several accounts and they all give credit to Plasser.


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