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Jul 22, 2008

Shmitta: French Fries and Onion Rings

We "took out" dinner tonight from a local burger place called "Grill Burger".

It happens to be that in our family most of us prefer Onion Rings over French Fries. So when we order the meals, we always ask for most of them with Onion Rings instead of French Fries, and then we will also get an order or two of Fries. When we get just Fries, there is always tons left over, as nobody ever finishes them.

Tonight we asked, as usual, for Onion Rings instead of Fries.

The proprietor responded that he does not have any onion rings. When asked why not, his response was, "Because of Shmitta".

It seems that there is a shortage of Onion Rings because of shmitta. I have no idea why. They have plenty of onions in the supermarket.

But that is an unexpected result of shmitta. No Onion Rings, and we had to take our order with Fries.


  1. I feel for you Rafi. Onion rings are usually the preference of the adults in my house.

    I guess if we ever make it down there, we'll have to make our own.

  2. That sounds a bit bizarre. It could be the limitations of the availability of onions with a certain heksher approved by the mashgiah, no?

    Some, as you know, are very picky about this, thus one may also have to suffer with pepsi instead of Coke, because a place only will bring stuff with a heksher from the Eidah Haredis.

    Could it be the same with onions?

  3. Grill N' Wok has onion rings... as well as a larger menu. I think the teudat kashrut said they were glatt, but call first.

    BTW, our kids prefer their burgers although I always get their health salad with stir-fried chicken and can't confirm.

    Grill N Wok also has kids' meals for the little ones.

  4. thanks. Grill Burger also has kids meals.
    We rarely eat out, but when we do go for a "burger", Grill Burger is generally the choice because of convenience. And their food is decent...
    I have been to Grill and Wok and it is fine, but Grill Burger is more convenient for us...

  5. Love onion rings, but the fried food kills me.

  6. Who has money to go to restaurants anyway?

    Puff, puff, life's rough I see in RBS.

    Am I 'oveir "lo tahmod" if I covet someone's onion rings?

  7. We have zero problems with getting Otzar Haaretz onions.

    How depressing that you couldnt get onion rings.

  8. We ran into this too and a different (very large international) chain. Very strange, and very disappointing.


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