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Jul 22, 2008

Is Mashiach coming in September?

Akiva writes about a rumor he has heard, from highly placed sources, that Mashiach will be coming this coming Tishrei (September).

Go to Mystical Paths to read the events surrounding the rumor.

I do not know if the story is true or not and I have no idea if Mashiach is coming this Tishrei or not. But, as I wrote in the comments there, "Ha'levai" this should come to be true!

As to the events related, perhaps this is one of the reasons mashiach has tarried until now. Do we really believe or do we not, even if we say the "Ani Ma'amins" and claim to believe in them? For Rabbonim to hear about mashiach and write him off like that saying they do not believe or it is a joke? How do they expect him to be announced? In what way would he be announced that they would not think it is a joke or a scam?

I do not know if this story is true or not and I am not commenting on it except to say "Ha'Levai". But we must check our reactions to such stories - at what point will we believe mashiach is coming, if when we hear about it we simply "blow it off"?


  1. "The invitation was delivered at the request of one of the holy autistics." - yep, a joke. But not the funny kind.


    ולעולם לא יתעסק אדם בדברי ההגדות, ולא יאריך בדברי מדרשות האמורים בעניינים אלו וכיוצא בהן; ולא ישימם עיקר--שאינן מביאין לא לידי אהבה, ולא לידי יראה. וכן לא יחשב הקיצין; אמרו חכמים, תפוח דעתן של מחשבי קיצין. אלא יחכה ויאמין בכלל הדבר, כמו שביארנו.

  2. 2 points:
    1. according to the story as related, he is not calculating the date of mashiach. The story is that the mashiach called a group of rabbis and gave them instructions.
    2. despite the quote you mentioned, many great rabbis throughout history have done so anyway.

  3. HaLevai this is true, Klal Yisroel needs Moshiach now more than ever. Stil, if one attempts to read all the signs, they point to chevlei Moshiach being upon us - upheavel in financial markets, high food prices, the rise of Yishmael - all are things Rabbonim have pointed to as occuring inthe z'man leading up to the arrival of Moshiach b'meheira biyameinu.

  4. Halevai mashiach will come soon. But what the first anonymous commenter said. It is a joke, and rightly regarded by rabbonim as a joke.

    You have to look into Facilitated Communication and the way these "holy autistics" are *purportedly* communicating. It is via an Ouija board where a "facilitator" holds and guides the autistic's hand to point to individual letters. I have seen videos of the process, which I can point you to, in which the facilitator is quickly pointing to letters, while the autistic person is looking the other way or has his eyes closed.

    They make claims such as that the autistics are capable of reading minds and thus are able to answer the question before having been asked it (but while the facilitator knows it).

    And the messages that they purportedly have delivered is many times against rabbanim. And so on and so forth. It is quite possible that consulting them is a violation of tamim tihyeh im hashem elokecha. These Rabbanim are *correct* to treat it as a joke.

    Read through all that they have to say before making a judgment on this.

    Kol Tuv,

  5. haha! that is funny! but that is in august, and Mashiach is supposed to come in September. Maybe if we really do teshuva he will come by the conference!


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