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Jul 21, 2008

The first jbloggers conference has been announced!

I received this by email..... It sounds to be promising. I am told that my commenters can register as well, though because space is limited, priority will go to bloggers. I already registered to go, so I look forward to seeing (some of) you there!

I wonder what anonymous bloggers will do? What will they answer when introduced to someone and asked "What blog are you from?" Will they just not go?

And what will anonymous commenters say - "Hi, I am anon from 6:42"?

Anyways, even if you cannot make it in person, if you register you will still be able to participate by viewing it over the internet....via webcam and a forum that will be created..

Dear Bloggers,

I am thrilled to announce the First International Jewish Bloggers Convention – Hosted by Nefesh B’Nefesh, and Powered by WebAds.

The theme of the convention is “Taking JBlogging to the Next Level”.

This convention will be a great opportunity to meet other Jewish bloggers from all around the world, to network, to learn, and just have fun.

There will be panel discussions with leading Jewish bloggers from around the world on issues such as how to be a more influential blogger, how to increase your traffic, and blogging on issues related to Israel and Aliyah.

The keynote speaker will be Zavi Apfelbaum, Director - Brand Management Team, Foreign Ministry of the State of Israel.

Zavi is in charge of a new initiative by the Government of Israel, to promote pro-Israel branding and PR on the Internet, particularly in interactive forums such as blogs.

Among the bloggers on the various panels will be Treppenwitz, Jewlicious, Hirhurim, My Shrapnel, and others (see the website for all the name).

Also offering a special guest performance, direct from America, and right off the special Nefesh B'Nefesh Blogger flight, will be the comedy of FrumSatire.

As it’s a convention (of Jews), there will also be great food.

The convention will be on Wednesday, August 20th from 5pm to 9pm (Israel time) in Jerusalem.

Space is limited and registration is required, you can register to attend in person, or watch it all by webcam and forum.

Registration is here...

This promises to be an exciting event and we look forward to seeing you all there.


  1. I just signed up online. I'm excited for this. You going in person?

  2. I registered. IY"h I will be there

  3. We expect a full report complete with photos!!!


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