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Jul 10, 2008

Shimon Peres has become newly religious!

Mashiach must be coming!

According to Haaretz, Peres got special permission to stay in the Olympic Village, so he could be present at the opening ceremony of the Olympics and still keep Shabbos.

(HatTip: MN)


  1. clever guy. probably just thought it would be cool to stay at Olympic Village. It would be too.

  2. I may be wrong but I don't think this is something new. I believe state reps. keep Shabbat when they are on official trips. It wouldn't surprise me that Peres is principled about those kinds of things.

    My friend heard him once on the radio saying that he doesn't celebrate his "loazi" birthday, only the Hebrew date.

  3. state reps generally try not to desecrate shabbos publicly. that is not the same thing as keeping shabbos. Though the article probably did not really mean he would be keeping shabbos, rather he would not have to desecrate it publicly.

  4. Actually, even though state officials are *required* to respect kashrut, Shabbat, and Yom Tov when they host an official function or appear in an official capacity (I don't recall the accurate requirement); they were always notoriously lax about it. And Peres and his cronies were always among the worst. That's why when Mr. Begin went to the White House for the first time and required only kosher food and consideration for Shabbat observance it was such a big deal. Unfortunately, it still is.

  5. B"H

    The Ramba"m commenting on the inyan of kaf zkhuth, states that when an evil person does something apparently positive one must assume that he has ulterior motives.

    I'm sure he loves the attention.

    He doesn't give a frack about Shabbath.


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