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Jul 22, 2008

Good riddiance Zippi Livni

Globes claims that Zippi Livni, one of the front runners to take over leadership of Kadima, is considering bolting from Kadima and forming her own party.

It seems she is very concerned about losing in the upcoming primaries to Shaul Mofaz (amazing that he even has a chance of winning them), and she refuses to consider being #2 to Mofaz. She is in contacts with fellow Kadima members who support her to join her in starting a new party.

Zippi is another Kadima opportunist. Ariel Sharon brought her in and gave her a big position. She was a relative nobody with little political experience, but she was a yes-man to Ariel Sharon, and Sharon was always good at rewarding people who followed him. His demise, that which left olmert in the right position at the right time to take over the premiership, also left Zippi with much more power than she ever deserved or earned.

And since then, she has shown little leadership capabilities. She almost stood up to Olmert and his corruption, but backed down when he confronted her. Since then she has almost said nothing and when she does talk she only talks in hints and ambiguities about Olmert, but she never says anything straight out.

Good riddance Zippi. Go form your own party and head back into oblivion. That way Kadima can disappear, and you can disappear from leading Israel down the gutter.

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