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Jul 30, 2008

upcoming projects

Last night I kashered over 10kg of liver - beef liver and lamb liver.

My next few projects include (not in any specific order):
  1. crash studying to finally take my final exam on hilchos treifos, which I have procrastinated for a while now....
  2. Try to make shofars from the horns from the sheep we shechted this week. 2 of the horns are a bit on the small side. They are well over the minimum length for a kosher shofar, but they will still be a bit small.. I think those might be good for practising technique of shofar making on. The other two horns are a decent length, and if I can get the process right, they might be good shofars. I have done some research, but if any of you have made a shofar before, feel free to leave me a tip or two on the subject...
  3. Another project, as of now undisclosed, as I have not yet made a final decision whether to embark upon it or not... Will decide soon.


  1. I'll buy some liver off you if you're interested in selling.

    (if its a good price and you were not a machmir who burned it to a crisp.)

    - TRMD

  2. haha... I have done that in the past (burn it to a crisp).. usually by not paying it enough attention rather than by being machmir... this time it came out the best of all the times I have kashered the liver...

  3. Can I come taste tonight?


  4. Always something else with you, Rafi...

  5. cook it well, cut some into strips and send me some bro!!!!!

  6. cut what into strips? the liver?
    send you some? liver spoils quickly. I don't think it will last the international postal delivery time....


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