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Jul 7, 2008

Meet new Hassidic policewoman Officer Bayle

For the first time ever, a Hassidic woman has graduated from the Police Academy (no, not the movie) and has been hired as a police officer.

Bayle Glauber has requested Shabbos off, and the police have agreed, after having consulted with the Town Attorney, though in case of emergency they told her they will call her just like any other policeman.

"He said Glauber is the town's first ultra-Orthodox Jewish officer and her request for religious days off is the first he's come across in 25 years with the town. The county's other Hasidic officer, Shlomo Koenig, is a detective for the Rockland Sheriff's Department, but did not work the Sabbath when he started.

Klein said Glauber's schedule is temporary and contingent on his research of the constitutional issues. He said there were court cases involving employers respecting a person's religious rights, including issues of working on the Sabbath.

He said the town was also seeking an opinion from the state Attorney General's Office.

"We have to balance her religious rights with the job of a police officer to respond at all times," Klein said. "We'll be researching the issue and reporting back to the town and police department."

The Ramapo Police Commission, which comprises the Town Board, will discuss the issue, along with the PBA, Klein said.

Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, who supported Glauber's hiring, said he had no problems with her work schedule. He said he had no problem making reasonable accommodations for people based on their religious beliefs."


  1. If she's shomer negia, it's gonna be a bit tricky arresting the crooks...

  2. I would really like to be able to follow her career and see how she deals with various issues that will crop up, but I doubt that would be possible.

  3. She'll have some interesting shailas - i can just imagine her standing over a guy in handcuffs, as she holds her pelefone and says "Just hold on a minute, i gotta ask my rav..."

  4. rw - you forgot to say "kosher" pelephone

  5. What exactly makes her "Hassidic" or "ultra-Orthodox"? Assuming that that's a sheitel, how does get around the issur (lo silbash) of brandishing her sidearm when on the beat? Anyone know anything else about this woman? Maybe she's a regular (irregular?) orthodox woman who wants shabbos off. I personally know several NYC Blue who fit that descrption. The only "story" here is that she is a woman and apparently Orthodox. My guess is that the author from the LoHud website (with a Jewish sounding name) wouldn't be able to tell the difference between chopped liver and chulent.

  6. Blackbelt, based on what has been posted on other sites, it sounds like she is from the Satmar community, but has moved a bit to the left on her own, as it were.

    Anonymous - issur negia is the prohibition of affectionate touching. It would not prevent one from arresting a criminal of the opposite sex.

  7. There are also rishonim that say the klei milchama reffered to as beged ish are really tefilin

  8. Whomever wrote this article/blog got her name wrong. I have known this girl for many years. My advice, if you are going to write about a person get their name straight/correct first. HER NAME IS NOT AND NEVER WAS "Bayle"!


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