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Jul 29, 2008

how do the kids pick it up so young???

What do you think of this pshat?

A guy was just mentioning to me how he is having difficulty doing a very basic activity on his computer. He mentioned maybe he would ask his 6 year old child to do it for him, as they seem to be born with it, and he cannot understand how they understand these computers so quickly.

So I suggested to him that we all know the famous midrash/gemara that says an angel teaches a fetus in the womb all over the Torah. So perhaps, nowadays, the angel also gives the fetus a course in computers.


  1. pashut, mai ka mashma lan - torah includes everything!(at least that's what I was taught)

    Joel Rich

  2. so why do the adults have such a problem with it?

  3. But shouldn't the baby forget it all on the way out?

  4. hmmmm. by the Torah the kid forgets because the angel supposedly taps the lip. Stories have been told of people who remembered (the angel forgot to tap his lip perhaps?) what they learned...

    Maybe the angel has no way to make the kid forget the computer course? Maybe the lip tap only works for the Torah?


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