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Jul 4, 2008

bowwwwleeeng in Israel

Bowling in Hebrew is pronounced "Bowww-leeeng" (bow as in bow-wow of a fictional dog, rather than bow like a bow and arrow).

This evening we went Bowling. There is a bowling alley in Modiin, which is a short hop, skip and a jump away from Bet Shemesh. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lanes, after many years ago having had tried the bowling alley of Talpiot in Jerusalem and found it sorely disappointing.

Everything was computerized, the lanes were nice and slick, and they even had these cool bumpers that go up and down automatically depending on who is bowling (you tell the guy at the front desk which bowlers want the bumpers, and he puts it in by their name, and presto!).

The place was not jam packed, but it was busy, with both Anglos and Israelis having a great time...

We all had a great time, and I bowled a 140 - not bad for having gone many years without bowling.

What can't you get in Israel nowadays???


  1. I think it's actually pronounced "boweling", as if it's a procedure to have your large intestine removed.

    (Are you going to post about any large pizza pies?)

  2. nope. my kids did not take pics of that. don't know why.. pretty funky

  3. Cool!

    Nice pictures, especially the one with you and the little guy :)

  4. Is that an American flag painted on the wall?

  5. I dunno, doesn't seem tzniusdik to me ;).

  6. moi - I did not post the picture of my wife bowling (she would have killed me)

  7. raizy - I guess they consider bowling to be an american sport...

  8. i once went to the bowling alley in teveriyah, but it was too expensive and i didn't end up bowling

  9. "I guess they consider bowling to be an american sport"

    so is this how you celebrated july 4th?

  10. I love how you can get kosher food anywhere in Israel..I go hungry alot here in miami.. its mainly because i'm in israeli mentality.. "yeah whatever i'll just get food there" however the doctors office, building.. anywhere! has no kosher food places.. also I keep chalav yisrael.

    But c'mon theres alot you cant get in israel.. and if you can its hard to.

    We have a walmart supercenter a mile away.. they rarely dont have what I want.. if they dont, theres a ross, office depot, home depot, marshalls etc.. etc.. in the same mall..

    I can get very lost in the gashmiur here.. after a month or 2 of shopping my brains out its like "ok ad masai!! we gotta haul back home to eretz yisrael"

    But, I did go to gun shop here... was out of store with my brand new Springfield armory GI 1911 .45 in 20 minutes.. and only 500$


    "in 20 minutes.. and only 500"

    well here in nyc it took me 9 months to get a license, and i had to spend about $500 in city fees just to get the license itself

  12. when i was in yeshiva it was before american food products were commonplace on israeli supermarket shelves. but there was "shavuah america," when such products were important for a limited time. we were in the middle of nowhere, but some of my friends were so excited to rush to jerusalem to go to a supermarket.

    one thing that was cool was that they had products that in america had no hechsher (i specifically remember snickers ice crean bars, which was before snickers, m&m, etc. were kosher in america

  13. wow - you don't have to rent stinky bowling shoes?

  14. tzip - yes, you need to rent shoes, but they looked pretty clean.

    LOZ - actually it was July 3rd still.

    Elchonon - yes things are more expensive (sometimes), but you can pretty much get everything you might need. except for the guns you need. But in most states I do not think it is as easy as you just described.

  15. lion of zion-
    I remember Shavuah America! My friend and I bought three large jars of Hellmanns mayonnaise and spent the rest of the year hiding them from the other girls in our dorm because we didn't want to share.

  16. My wallmart here, has more cereals and other such stuff than the entire "BIG" super in kiryat arba.

    Theres actualy a 3 day waiting perioud to purchase a handgun in FL, but I have a concealed weapons permit (cost 150 and took 2 weeks to get) and since I already did background checks with that, the handgun purchase was instant.

    Thats not true at all, if office depot dont have what I want.. staples, office max, best buy, compusa blah blah blah have it.

    The problem is all the import crap... Israel needs to ease the import taxes / duty....

    It will cause israeli's to buy imported goods, and force israeli company's to produce / mnfctr better products.

    I would import 10,000 bluetooth headsets this minute if duty / customs etc.. was not so meshuga..

  17. rafi- it's far too easy to spend money on just about anything here in America. There are tons of the same stores everywhere!


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